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BBVA Stadium’s F&B Director of Operations sheds light on how Levy…

BBVA Stadium’s F&B Director of Operations sheds light on how Levy is working to “get it right" for fans post COVID-19  

May 29, 2020

Levy’s website describes their company mission as: “From the stadium to the head table, Levy leverages unbridled creativity, custom strategies, impeccable service, and true love for great food to create unforgettable experiences.”

When guests come to BBVA Stadium, Mr. Edward Hurtado, Director of Levy Operations at BBVA Stadium, puts forth tremendous efforts to ensure all guests that indulge in food or beverage have a memorable time and an even better customer-service experience. He has been with the Levy organization for almost 17 years and has served in various roles at BBVA for the past six and a half years. His most fond memories while working at the home of Dynamo and Dash soccer in Houston, TX, involve “seeing the excitement on guests faces when they are having a great time at the stadium.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began back in March, Hurtado and the Levy Team have been working tirelessly to prepare for what's to come after it’s all over. “We are moving into uncharted waters in the F&B world and making sure we get it right for our guests and fans post-COVID is at the top of our list of important objectives,” Hurtado said when asked how the pandemic has affected his day-to-day duties.

Some may exclaim that there are no “pros” to the predicament we are currently living in, but Hurtado begs to differ. With the extra time granted by the pandemic situation, he has been able to polish up on some skills & tasks that he would normally delegate to others on the Levy Team, as well as help facilitate BBVA Stadium’s F&B team donate countless pounds of produce that was originally purchased for matches. The donations went to several entities around Houston who were in desperate need, such as Open Door Mission on Harrisburg, who received close to 500 pounds of produce in March, and a second donation later in April. Levy also made a donation of salty snacks to the Houston Emergency Aid-Coalition, which helps feed the homeless population inside the city.

When the end nears on this global pandemic, Hurtado looks forward to “getting back to the normal flow of operation and events, and coming back at full-strength with even more passion and innovative and fresh ideas from the Levy Team for BBVA Stadium’s guests to enjoy during their visit.”