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BBVA Stadium Suite provides inclusive guest experience for all fans

BBVA Stadium Suite provides inclusive guest experience for all fans

Apr 2, 2020

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Day, BBVA Stadium and KultureCity celebrate the first-year anniversary since opening the Family Suite, which features a Sensory Room and a Mother’s Room to accommodate fans during all of our events.

Located in the northeast corner of the stadium outside of Section 220, fans have access to the first sensory-inclusive facility in Major League Soccer.

“We take great pride in creating the most welcoming and inclusive atmosphere possible for all events at BBVA Stadium,” Stadium Executive Vice President and General Manager Juan Rodriguez said when the room opened. “The Mothers Room will provide a private and comfortable space for women to care for their young children, and the Sensory Room affords fans with sensory needs the opportunity to step away if the sights and sounds inside the stadium become too much for them. We’re very grateful to the experts at KultureCity for their assistance in creating the space and training our staff.”

The Sensory Room was designed and installed in cooperation with KultureCity, the nation’s leading nonprofit dedicated to fight for inclusion and acceptance of all individuals. KultureCity advocates for those with sensory challenges such as autism and PTSD, just to name a few, and provides training and equipment to public and private spaces in order to create an inclusive experience for everyone.

“By recognizing this growing need and wanting to do something about it, they are truly putting their fans and guests first so that everyone regardless of their disabilities or sensory needs can be accepted and included,” KultureCity co-founder Julian Maha, M.D. said last year. “This is great for the City of Houston and for Major League Soccer in general.”

In addition to the Sensory Room itself, the stadium provides sensory bags created by KultureCity to guests who visit the space. BBVA Stadium and Houston Dynamo and Dash employees participated in sensory awareness training in order to understand how best to serve fans with unique needs and concerns.

The Mothers Room features seating for parent and child, as well as power outlets, a changing station and a television so mothers and children won’t miss a moment of game action.