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BBVA Stadium Tailgating Policies

Applicable Only to Astros Parking Lots B and C

These policies are only enforced in lots controlled and operated by BBVA Stadium (currently Astros Parking Lots B & C).

Dynamo parking passes are pre-sold. Select cash parking will be available on game days.

  • Lots B & C are normally open three hours prior to kickoff unless schedule conflicts occur
  • One 8’ x 10’ spot per pre-purchased parking hang tag; hang tag must be visible on vehicle rearview mirror at all times. One hang tag = one parking spot. BBVA Stadium will strictly monitor and enforce this policy
  • A ticket holder in possession of more than one pre-paid parking permit will be allowed to use adjacent spaces for tailgating per space regulations.  Hang tags must be clearly displayed at each space (i.e. attached and visible on tent, cooler, etc.)
  • Please be considerate of your fellow ticket holders.  Tailgating will be limited to the lined parking space. Blocking of the drive lane is strictly prohibited
  • Patrons must keep all tables, chairs, coolers, barbeques, etc. within the designated parking stall. Tents or canopies exceeding the 8’ x 8’ footprint and vehicles measuring more than 18’ in length and/or 8’ in width are not permitted to park in a lined parking space
  • To ensure safety of fans, no golf carts, skateboards, bikes, electric transportation devices, Segways or scooters will be allowed in Lots B & C
  • Tailgating is permitted on the medians separating Lots B & C from the roadways; however, the tailgating set up cannot impede or infringe upon the pedestrian sidewalks
  • Tailgating will be allowed on a first come, first served basis; saving spots is not allowed.  Patrons are encouraged to arrive in conjunction with other fans in order to set up adjacent tailgating events
  • BBVA Stadium and the Houston Dynamo will not permit the solicitation of cash for goods or services within Lots B & C. This includes, but is not limited to, tips, donations or payment for food, beverage, merchandise, promotional products, etc.
  • No glass containers allowed
  • All cooking equipment must be situated away from crowds, buildings, vehicles or combustible materials.  A minimum clearance distance of 3’ is required
  • No liquid charcoal starter or other flammable liquids allowed
  • Quick starting charcoal is recommended
  • Open flames are permitted; however, all barbecue equipment left unattended must be extinguished
  • Ash containers, trash containers and Port-O-Lets are located in Lots B & C
  • Hot ashes, cinders, smothering coal, disposable LP-gas cylinders or other hot materials must be disposed of in designated dumpsters
  • Do not place hot or burning coals under vehicles at any time
  • No deep-fat frying allowed
  • Trash must be disposed of the in designated dumpsters
  • Portable generators cannot be used inside a tent; portable generators cannot be filled while running
  • Portable generators cannot be stored near the cooking areas
  • BBVA Stadium and the Houston Dynamo will not allow advertising, banners, signs or distribution items for promotional use on property. Tailgaters will be asked to remove inappropriate banners or signs
  • Music speakers may not exceed reasonable levels in the sole determination of BBVA Stadium personnel
  • Alcoholic beverages in open containers will not be permitted outside of the parking premises of Lots B & C. If a guest(s) possesses an alcoholic beverage(s) on public property (street, walkways, etc.) they are subject to fine and/or arrest by law enforcement
  • For safety purposes, all tents, chairs, etc. must be put away before entering BBVA Stadium
  • A minimum class 2A-10B: C fire extinguisher with a current service tag is required at each cooking area
  • Lots must be cleared within one hour after the conclusion of the event;
  • Please drink responsibly during the pre-game events as any guest(s) who appear to be impaired will not be permitted to entrance into the stadium
  • Tailgate ambassadors will enforce all policies and regulations in the designated parking lots. Ambassadors will patrol the lots and provide information and/or assistance.  Tailgating ambassadors will be dressed in easy-to-identify uniforms
  • Any violation of the tailgating policies and procedures are subject to a yellow card warning, after the second warning or violation, the parking pass holder will be issued a red card and removed from the Lot immediately.  Serious violations are subject to immediate removal from the Lot.  Upon review of violation(s), further sanction will be enforced by management

For more information, please email [email protected];

The BBVA Stadium and/or the Houston Dynamo reserve the right to revoke the season parking pass of those who do not comply with these guidelines.